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CEO, Marketing Director or a Product Manager? Gain unfair advantage by choosing STATSIT.


Be ahead of your game

Understand changing market trends and say yes to success by strategic data driven action

Maximize the Return on Investment

Social investments can be tricky, so optimize the measurable outcome effectively

Think beyond the goals you have set

Reach new customers and markets and boost your product line with precision

We are the Game Changer

We are not just a social listening company – We help you to uncover the power of social media
We help you to cover channels that no tool can reach – higher penetration on FB, IG, LinkedIn etc
Our framework helps to filter the consumer voice from the noise present in Social Media
We enrich the data and provide insights that is helpful across all the verticals of organizations
Robust Data, Quality insights enables fast and effective decision making

We are not just a social listening company and we know how to unleash the full power of Social Media

We help you to cover channels that no tool can reach to achieve higher penetration on FB, IG, LinkedIn etc

We offer a framework that filters the valuable consumer voice from the pointless noise in Social Media

We provide enriched data and insights to help your organization in fast and effective decision making


Solutions for Success: STATSIT Marketsight

STATSIT Marketsight consists of a comprehensive measurement framework for Social Media and extensive strategic consulting services
measurement framework

Trend opportunities and monitoring of KPIs

Decide to know. Have the access to in-depth qualitative analysis of customized key trends and precise tracking of KPIs to boost up your operations

Crisis Management & Daily assistance

Stress less. Receive help in daily operations and there´s a team ready for you in case of crisis.Your team also receives periodic workshops to develop social capability for success

Tool optimization and maintenance

Choose the best. Get equipped with the most suitable tools set-up and optimized for your company´s individual needs for maximum effectivity

strategic consulting services

Improving products and services

Reach the next level. Acquire the many suggestions on product improvements based on useful consumer usage experience and feedback for better development

Campaign measurement

Measure, develop and succeed. Have access to comprehensive performance analysis in a practical package for smart marketing and business moves

Influencer management

Make an impact. Receive concrete advice on the best influencers segment for each campaign and utilize a performance scorecard and tools to activate and interact with influencers

A Lot of reasons to get us started

Strategy & Planning

Social Intelligence is a strategy, not a bunch of social media monitoring tools blinding you with more data. It means systematically getting deep inside the fast-changing consumers’ minds and truly understanding your competition. Then, taking this business intelligence into action and turning it into measurable business goals throughout the company’s departments and top management. We’ll help you to get there.

More Bang for Your Marketing Investment

Improving efficiency starts with analyzing your current activities. We will establish your brand’s social power and give you specific recommendations on messaging, timing, audience, product, content and more in order to gradually improve every future marketing initiative. You will be able to utilize Social Intelligence more frequently and effectively in your daily business decision making, throughout the whole company.

Leap Ahead of The Competition

The traditional research methods often provide a “rear mirror effect”, while STATSIT provides you with the sharpest possible “windshield view” to consumers mind. Whether it’s understanding purchase intent, decision making, real sentiment, demographics or your message effectiveness, you’ll always get clear and actionable recommendations to develop your business in near real-time. And, if you ever would end up finding yourself in a crisis situation, we have you backed up. With the already existing data about your clients, we’ll give you immediate understanding and instructions on how to resolve the situation quickly with least harm.

We’ve Got Your Back

We know that one of your biggest limitations to grow your brand’s success is time. So let’s start by helping you to free some. We start our engagement by conducting an initial workshop where we understand your business challenges and understand the maturity of your organization in terms of analytics and social expertise. We then chart the yearly plan. Share with us your business challenges, and we’re off the races. We’ll take care of everything and you’ll have a clear human presentation just to the point. All data ready-crunched and human analyzed to actionable recommendations to improve your marketing products and marketing activities right away. We build long-term strategic relationships, to really get to the heart of your business. Always there for you, ready for action.

Decisions Based on Consumer’s Mind

Understanding your target audience can be a challenge. Existing social media monitoring and social media listening tools are still just tools – oriented on analytical data. These can help to find out brand or campaign mentions, or leads to your website. But as a brand marketer you have to expect more. What are consumers thinking about your brand? What are their expectations, desires, fears? How are you able to affect their opinions and behavior by meaningful one-to-one conversations? Who is influencing them and why? Which ones of your actions are working and which not? STATSIT can provide this information for you in a simple format, every month on a periodic basis, cost-effectively.

We are Local

Thai analysts for a Thai project. Arab analysts for an Arabic project. Chinese analysts for a Chinese project. Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, India, Dubai, UK, Germany, Sweden, Finland – all APAC and EMEA covered with our local trained social media market research professionals. They are an integral part of manual intervention and text mining, enabling us to give you locally relevant insights.

A Proven Solution

Since our founding in 2008, we’ve worked on over 166 brands and 1,500 individual projects majorly in APAC countries, from Singapore to Japan and from Dubai to Indonesia. Partnered with ad agency networks like BBDO, Dentsu, JWT and service brands like Intel, Google, Pepsi and Danone. As a result, we have developed a unique science-based market research method of human manual coding and text mining – STATSIT’s Social Intelligence. Human component and utilizing ad fraud research in social ensures we take relevancy very seriously. Together with our proprietary technology, this becomes a powerful tool for any serious marketer to increase their investment efficiency and gain real competitive advantage.

No Need to Panic

Social media users and usage are on the rise. Consumers constantly post feedback about brands and product usage experience. Moreover, traditional F2F primary research has become difficult from the onset of COVID. To keep connected with the audience, companies started investing in social tools and started building social analyst teams. However, there is a scarcity of expert social analysts in the markets and most resources just have the experience of using one or two tools. Social analysis is achieved through a proper framework consisting of tools and qualitative analysis -this needs years of expertise which STATSIT will be happy to provide.
STATSIT will help to build the social analytical capability of the current team – no need to hire and acquire the “unknown”.

Worked with



    Digital Marketing Manager, Danone

    What I like about working with STATSIT is that they are able to dig into specific details through their social intelligence platform and service, to generate real insight that give us a new perspective on how to drive advocacy. I really appreciate their open mind and flexibility to accommodate our requests

    Samar Habibi
      Samar Habibi

      Insights Manager AMEA PepsiCo

      STATSIT is a nimble, quick-to-action agency with the flexibilty to offer custom solutions. A mix of ever-present customer service and analysts that ‘get’ social in their respective markets, offers the support we require to cater to our large footprint of countries, adhoc and regular tracking requests.

      Sagar Shetty
        Sagar Shetty

        Founder at Clique Media

        The STATSIT team has been extremely responsive to all our queries and definitely know what they are doing and have been easy to work with. The product has demonstrated that it is much superior to its competitors and clients have come back with praises after trying out the product and service.

        Guy Hearn
          Guy Hearn

          Director of Insight at OmnicomMediaGroup

          STATSIT’s methodologies are unique, affordable and sometimes lead to insights that would be hard or impossible to get to using any other methodology. STATSIT’s offering is a great addition to any serious marketer’s or researcher’s toolbox in the region.

          Barry Adams
            Barry Adams

            General Manager at Experian

            I’m thoroughly impressed with STATSIT’s ability to generate tangible business results from the analysis, integration and use of social media data. If your brand wants to get innovative about using social media data to drive your business, I highly recommend STATSIT.

            Aaron Gomez
              Aaron Gomez

              Head of Interactive Marketing at Cheil Worldwide

              Working with Siim and his team taught us that data from social conversation not only showed us what we were doing wrong, but what we could have done better in our campaigns. This is a strong benefit for us as a creative agency as well. I’m glad to say that our clients and us are very comfortable on STATSIT’s clear and methodological approach.

              Stella Lau
                Stella Lau

                Insights Manager at OMD

                Great to have worked alongside brilliant people like you. I bear witness to your big efforts in making the seemingly impossible, possible.

                Ryan O’Donnell
                  Ryan O’Donnell

                  Global Project Manager – Digital Strategy and eCommerce, Fonterra

                  I believe your business is the cutting edge in social and analytics now

                  about us

                  About us

                  STATSIT is a Game Changer in Social Intelligence

                  Our unique SocialWorks methodology is powerful as it combines highly developed data mining and human analysis for premium critical insight and consultation.

                  Our mission is to help companies to step ahead of their game, reach their business goals and think even further with the advantages that SocialWorks offers.

                  We have a strong and solid presence in APAC and EMEA and have extensive experience by working on over 1500 projects with over 160 brands since 2008.


                  STATSIT was founded in APAC in 2008 and started as a marketing automation company. By the time of its founding, the company had already developed a solution that combined website analytics, search marketing, social listening and data management capabilities into one integrated platform.

                  In 2009 the decision to focus 100% on social intelligence solutions was made. After that the company’s innovative and unique solutions have helped many leading brands and agencies, including over 160 advertisers from the FORTUNE500.

                  We have worked practically in all APAC and EMEA countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan, South-Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Dubai, Egypt, UK, Germany, Sweden, Finland… All companies were serviced by local social media market research professionals who are well trained and up for any tasks.

                  Our on-going commitment is to keep building social media intelligence solutions that marketers, business developers and CEO´s appreciate and approve as their go-to. We take pride in the way our clients feel about us as professionals with super-serving attitude. In our core you can find our desire to understand and address our clients´ needs and as we know it, together success is reality.

                  Our Team

                  We have our local teams in Singapore, Indonesia, India and Finland. Plus 100+ trained local analysts to serve almost any market with STATSIT Marketsight.

                  We have our local teams in Singapore, Indonesia, India and Finland. Plus 100+ trained local analysts to serve almost any market with STATSIT Marketsight.



                  25+ years in running online marketing and analytics software development companies



                  30+ years in senior leadership roles and M&A for the Nielsen companies


                  Chief Operating Officer

                  Experienced entrepreneur with senior level of experience in analytics and market research industry

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